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Tulsimer ®  T-62 MP DRY  催化剂级强酸型核子级离子交换树脂


Tulsimer ®  T-62 MP DRY 是催化剂级别强酸型阳离子交换树脂。凭借其大孔的特性,而允许快速反应物扩散到其内部。

Tulsimer ®T-62 MP DRY的大的表面积能够使大量的催化剂位点参与到催化反应中去。这将有助于催化反应更快更好的运行。它具有优良的机械坚强度,耐磨性和对较温度,氧化性,溶剂等的适应性。

Tulsimer ®  T-62 MP DRY 特别适用于用氢离子做催化剂的有机化学反应中,代替H2SO4或者HCl等矿物质酸。


典型特性(TYPICAL CHARACTERISTICS): Tulsimer ® T-62 MP DRY             

型式/Type                              大孔强酸性阳离子交换树脂/Macroporous Strong acid cation exchange resin

主体结构/Matrix structure                 聚苯乙烯共聚物/Polystyrene copolymer

官能基/Functional group                  核子级磺酸基/Nuclear sulphonic

物理型式/Physical form                   球状/Spherical beads

离子型式/Ionic form                      /Hydrogen

目数/Screen size mesh                    16 – 40 US Mesh

粒径分布/Particle size                       0.42 to 1.2 mm

H+浓度/H+ Ion concentration                4.8 meq/dry gm

湿度/Moisture content                       1%

允许温度/Temperature Stability               130℃


操作条件特性(TYPICAL OPERATING ):Tulsimer ® T-62 MP DRY                 

树脂床度/Resin bed depth                   800 mm

大流速/Maximum service flow                30 m³/hr/m³

逆洗膨胀空间/Backwash expansion space        40 - 75%     

逆洗流速/Backwash flow                       8 - 10 m³/hr/m³

再生剂/Regenerant                           HCl/ H2SO4

再生程度/Regenerantion level                  50 - 200 g HCl/l,200 - 250 g/l H2SO4                                                

再生剂浓度/Regenerant concentration           5-8% HCl,3-4% H2SO4

再生流速/Regenerant flow rate                 3- 5 m³/hr/m³

再生时间/Regenerant time                     20- 60 min

冲洗流速/Rinse flow rate:

/Slow                                     再生流速/At regeneration flow rate

/Fast                                      工作流速

冲洗量/Rinse Volume                          3- 5 m³/m³


测试(TESTING): Tulsimer ® T-62 MP DRY                                

离子交换树脂的抽样和测试是按标准的测试程序,即ASTMD - 2187和IS - 7330,1998.

包装(PACKING): Tulsimer ® T-62 MP DRY                                

Super Sack

1000 lit

Super Sack

35 cft

MS drums

180 lit.

MS drums

7 cft

HDPE lines Bags

25 lit.

HDPE lines Bags

1 cft


For Handling, Safety and Storage requirements please refer to the individual Material Safety Data

Sheets available at our offices. The data included herein are based on test information obtained by Thermax Limited. These date are believed to be reliable, but do not imply any warranty or performance guarantee. Tolerances for characteristics are per BIS/ASTM. We recommend that the user should determine the performance of the product by testing on his own processing equipment.

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