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Tulsimer ® A-2X MP大孔弱碱性阴离子交换树脂

Tulsimer ® A-2X MP是一款苯乙稀系列具有四氨的品质大孔型弱碱型阴离子交换树脂。并同时拥有佳的物理及化学稳定品质 , 使其得以提供优越动能及比凝胶型弱碱型阴离子树脂具有较大机械强度抗破损。

Tulsimer ® A-2X MP能以较少的碱有效再生,具有较的工作交换容量。比凝胶型阴离子更具能抵抗有机物的污染。Tulsimer ® A-2Xmp 以自由基型式供货并能马上使用。



树脂类/Resin Type                              大孔弱碱性阴离子交换树脂

官能团/Functional group                           聚苯酚共聚物

物理型式/Physical form                            湿润球状/Moist spherical beads

离子型式/Ionic form supplied                       Chloride , 氯离子

官能团/Functional group                           Tertiary Amine , 4胺

粒度分布/Particle size Distribution                   0.3 - 1.2 mm 

均匀系数(Uniformity coefficient):                     Max. 1.25

PH 范围/PH range                                0 - 14

总交换量/Total exchange capacity( meq/ml )          1.3 meq/ml mini

容积密度/Backwash settled density                  670 - 710 gm/lit

大温度/Maximum Thermal Stability                60℃(140℉)

湿度/Moisture content                             40-48%

溶解度/Solubility                                  不溶

微粒含量(Fines Content):                           0.5% through 50 U.S. mesh

密度(Backwash settled density):                      670-710 g/l

Shipping Weight:                                  730 g / Lit (Approx.)



树脂床度/Resin bed depth                                        600 mm

大流速/Maximum service flow                                     40m³/hr/m³

逆洗膨胀空间/Backwash expansion space                             50 - 70%

逆洗膨胀空间/Backwash expansion flow rate(25)                     4 - 6m³/hr/㎡   

再生剂/Regenerant                                                NaOH, Na2CO3,NH4OH

再生程度/Regeneration level                                120% of the operating capacity for NaOH                                  

再生浓度/Regeneration concentration                                1 - 5%

再生时间/Regeneration time                                        20 - 60 分钟

操作温度/Maximum Operating temperature                           80℃ max

冲洗流速/Rinse flow rate:

/slow                                                      再生流速/At Regeneration flow rate

/fast                                                       工作流速/At service flow rate

冲洗体积/Rinse volume                                         4 - 6m³/m³

测试(TESTING):Tulsimer®A-2X MP     

离子交换树脂的抽样和测试是按标准的测试程序,即ASTMD - 2187和IS - 7330,1998.

包装(PACKING):Tulsimer®A-2X MP     

    For Handling, Safety and Storage requirements please refer to the individual Material Safety Data Sheets available at our offices. The data included herein are based on test information obtained by Thermax Limited. These date are believed to be reliable, but do not imply any warranty or performance guarantee. Tolerances for characteristics are per BIS/ASTM. We recommend that the user should determine the performance of the product by testing on his own processing equipment.

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