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Premium  Pharmaceutical Grade Resin

Tulsimer®412H is "Cholestyramine resin USP". It is highly purified crosslinked polyacrylic copolymer in Chloride form. 

Tulsimer®412H(Cholestyramine resin USP) is uesd informulations for bile acid reduction, and cholesterol reduction blood. In very selective applications, Tulsimer®412H (Cholestyramine resin USP) is also used for making sustained release formulations.

This product is manufactured under GMP at an FDA approved, ISO 9001:2000 & ISO 14001 certified facility.


TYPICAL CHARACTERISTICS:Tulsimer®412H(Cholestyramine resin USP) 



Strong Acid Anion exchange resin

Matrix structure

Cross linked polystyrene copolymer

Functional group

Quaternary Ammonium


Buff to white powder

Ionic form


Total exchange capacity

1.8 -1.2 meq/gm on dried basis

Loss on drying  (approx)

12 % max.

Particle size ASTM mesh

+100=5% max. -100=Balance

Heavy metals

Less than 20 ppm

Residue on ignition

maximum 0.1%


Insoluble in water



Tulsimer®412H (Cholestyramine resin USP) is analyzed as per the monograph of "Cholestyramine resin USP"


HDPE Carbouy 25Kg  HDPE Carbouy    6 Kg
For Handling, Safety and Storage requirements please refer to the individual Material Safety Data Sheets available at our offices. The data included herein are based on test information obtained by Thermax Limited. These data are believed to be reliable, but do not imply any warranty or performance guarantee. Tolerances for characteristics are as per BIS/ASTM. We recommend that the user should determine the performance of the product by testing on own processing equipment.